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Who Are We

At B Fancy Laser Clinic, we’re a team of boss babes who are passionate about running A beauty clinic that’s as fabulous as it is effective. With us you’ll find no drama, just pure dedication to beauty and aesthetics, all while having a blast along the way. Get to know the amazing individuals who make up our team!

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“The Hair Queen”. With 10+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Denitte leads our team with her expertise in laser and ultrasound technology. For all the hair you need gone – she’ll literally zap those hair follicles away. For all the hair you need back – she’s got you covered with ultrasound hair regrowth. Here for your hair removal and hair growth needs – she’s got all scenarios covered.

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“The Glow Guru”: Irina is our resident skincare expert, dedicated to helping clients achieve a radiant complexion. She offers a range of treatments, including lymphatic drainage massages and deep cleansing facials, helping to detoxify the body and skin, promoting a healthy glow from within.

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“The Smooth Operator”: Desrene specializes in hair removal using Sugaring (also known as Persian waxing). Her specialty is making unwanted hair a thing of the past. With her precision and finesse, she’ll have you feeling silky smooth in no time. Need to rejuvenate your kitty? Deserne has got you covered with a Vagacial (boys, we can help you out too – Penacials are, in fact, a thing).

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“The Lash Extraordinaire & Brow Boss Babe”: Elina’s passion for that perfect set of lashes is unmatched, transforming them from ordinary to extraordinary. With her skillful application and attention to detail, she’ll give you lashes that make a statement. Her attention to detail doesn’t stop there – she’s got your brows covered too. Whether it’s shaping, tinting, or nano/powder brows, she’s here to help you achieve brow perfection and frame your face flawlessly. 

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“The Natural Enhancement Specialist”: As an advanced cosmetic nurse, Alina is dedicated to the art of natural enhancement. Undetectable Injectable is her mantra. With her expertise and precision, she specializes in advanced injectable treatments aimed at achieving subtle and natural-looking results. Whether it’s smoothing fine lines, adding volume to lips, or restoring youthful contours, Alina’s goal is to enhance your natural beauty while maintaining your unique features. With a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch, she’ll work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that leaves you looking refreshed and rejuvenated – never overdone.

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“The Artist”: Janna is our tattoo specialist, with 8+ years of art experience, a vibrant personality and endless creativity, she brings a touch of magic to our team as our tattoo artist extraordinaire. Specializing in fine line tattoos as well as scar and stretch mark camouflaging techniques, she has your tattoo and PMU needs covered.  She uses her artistic skills to create beautiful designs and conceal scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections.

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“The Sun-Kissed Specialist”: Leora is our spray tanning master, bringing a healthy glow to our clients with her expert spray tanning services. She offers customized tans to suit each client’s skin tone and preferences. Get summer ready in any season with her gentle hand and airbrushed touch.

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“The Social Media Maven”: Eden is our social media manager, responsible for creating engaging content, managing our online presence, and connecting with our amazing clients on social media platforms. All that funny stuff you see? Yeah that’s all this babe.

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